sexta-feira, 26 de agosto de 2011

Zanzalá n.2 2011 - call for papers

New Cartographies for World Science Fiction | Novas Cartografias para o Cinema Mundial

Zanzalá – The Brazilian Journal for SF Studies invites authors to submit proposals for its second issue (2 2011). The overall theme of this issue is "New cartographies for world science fiction." This issue will gather essays, short papers and reviews which contribute to expanding the boundaries of science fiction studies, shedding light on obscure or lesser-known landscapes of the genre in its many shapes and interfaces: literature, audiovisual, games, theater, music, contemporary art, graphic arts, design, etc. Papers that propose "maps," historiographies and theorizations (new or alternative), or historiographical or theoretical revisions related to the universe of science fiction are particularly welcome. Submissions should be sent to by October 31. Guidelines for submissions can be found at

Zanzalá – Estudos de Ficção Científica convida pesquisadores a submeterem artigos para o segundo número da revista (n.2 2011). O tema geral deste número é “Novas cartografias para a ficção científica mundial”. A proposta é reunir artigos, short papers e resenhas que contribuam sob variadas formas para a ampliação de fronteiras nos estudos de ficção científica, lançando luz sobre paisagens menos conhecidas ou obscuras do gênero em suas mais diversas modalidades e interfaces: literatura, audiovisual, games, teatro, música, arte contemporânea, artes gráficas, design, etc.. Desta forma, trabalhos que proponham “mapas”, historiografias e teorizações, novos ou alternativos, bem como revisões historiográficas e teóricas relacionadas ao universo da ficção científica, serão muito bem-vindos. Submissões devem ser encaminhadas até 31 de outubro para, de acordo com as normas para autores disponíveis em .

segunda-feira, 8 de agosto de 2011

SFRA 2012 Detroit

CFP: Environmental Science Fiction and the Non-Urban Scape

2012 Science Fiction Research Association Conference: Detroit
June 28th-July 1st
Urban Apocalypse, Urban Renaissance: Landscapes in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Ecocritic Patrick D. Murphy notes, “The idea of the land as scape establishes place, whether woods or lake or mountain range, as something separate from human culture” (Farther Afield 13). Proposals are invited that explore how science fiction has addressed this land-as-scape problematic. Has science fiction largely supported a conception of the non-urban (“land,” “place,” “nature,” etc.) as escape from culture? If so, what texts maintain the land/culture divide? Or, has science fiction done much to challenge this divide with an understanding of nature as something we are always in—as something we cannot escape? What science fiction works maintain this more complex view of land and culture, and what do these works contribute to recent efforts to upset conventional notions about “nature” (e.g., Timothy Morton, Slavoj Źiźek)?

This panel is sponsored by the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment (ASLE), a professional affiliate organization of SFRA. Please submit a 200-word proposal in the body of an email to Eric Otto at by Friday, April 6th, 2012. See for more information about the conference.